Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Lousy Photo of the Taj Mahal

I came from south india (Kerala) back north to the town that i started out at(Vrindaban). The master plan was to spend a few days in Vrindaban and then on Friday morning go see the Taj Mahal then drive to Delhi to get my return flight. Sounded great to me until I learned that the Taj is closed on Friday. I learned this about 3:30 on Thursday. So i rented a cab to drive me the 50 miles immediately in the hopes that we could get there in time to see the place. Well, everything in India takes longer than you would think. It was closed by the time i got there. Soooo, all i have is this one lousy photo of the back of the place, ohhh well i tried. Next time!!!!
So that's it 100 days, 50 posts- thanks for looking!


Bob's Mom said...

Sorry this is over
It has been great

Harsh Vora said...

Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing them.
May I know which camera these photos have been clicked from?

Kate Creegan-Kurtz said...

Bob! These photos are amazing!