Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sadhus of Vrindaban

A sadhu is a renunciant who lives his or her life for spiritual realization and relies on the good will of others for their sustenance. I had a real hard time shooting these people in the beginning of my trip because they are quite intimidating looking and they generally would ask for a donation for the photo. The donation aspect only really bothered me because i didn't like paying for candid photos, it seemed to ruin the "realness" of the encounter. Regardless; i went back to Vrindaban (the place i started the trip) and i was invited to a feeding of the sadhus event. A local man organized and fed about 200 of these people and i got to shoot it. Sooooo, because they were being fed and happy they let me photograph them. They are pretty far out looking, and that one guy; i don't know, perhaps that's elephantitis?

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pranksygang said...

gr8 shots!!..

your blog is lovely ! u have pictured India so amazingly!