Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kumbalagarh Fort

I left Udaipur with my friend Suzanna and some German dude who's name i now forget. We shared a car to Jaipur. I think it would have been about a 4 hour drive if we drove it straight, but we made some stops. Kumbalagar Fort was one of the stops and it was well worth it. In Rajastan(the north west section of India where I have been in for a few weeks) every town seems to have a fort and a palace That's all well and good, but i really get bored of that stuff kinda quick. This fort stood out - it was like a fairy tale come to life. Perched atop a mountain with walls that seem to go on forever this fort seemed, and was in reality; impenetrable.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Udaipur: Room with a View!!!

Here are some shots of the view from our room in Udaipur - it was amazing!

People of Bundi

That mother from the first shot is quite beautiful. I had to work very hard for her to let me take her photo. I'm getting a little better at convincing women, but it's still very difficult.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bundi Views

So my friend Virginia had to leave, so i picked up a new girl and took her with me to Bundi. I really wish i was that cool, but i'm not. Her name is Suzanna; we had a similar travel schedual and we got allong well, so we decided to hit the road together. Its always alot funner to travel with someone else. Bundi is a bit off the mainstream tourist trail so it was super sweet. I loved this town, there were actually places you cold go an there would be NO people around. This is a huge rarity in inda. All of these towns in Rajastan have forts and palaces and are full of history, the unfortunate reality is that i didn't know anything about the history so there really wasn't any context. But that said they are still pretty to look at.

The People of Pushkar

Here are some shots of the local people, doing what they do. The second to last shot is my friend Virginia, and the last shot is obvously me and some of my local lady friends!!!!!

Pushkar views

Pushkar is a tiny little town surrounding a sacred lake. It's quite small, but also quite sweet. There are a lot of westerners there so it's pretty easy to get comfortable there. Here are some views of the town and the surrounding desert.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas in Jaipur

Santa made it to Jaipur!
Jaipur is loud and obnoxious and i didn't really like it. I am not sure if it really was the place, or the flu that i developed while i was there, but regardless i left after a 2 days. I met a nice girl named Virginia from Brazil, who lives in New York, but is traveling around India, who also didn't like Jaipur, so we went to Pushkar. That sentence sounds more confusing than it really is.

Here is a little video of a taxi ride in Jaipur. Instead of music, try to imagine a constant stream of honking and shouting. That's basically travel in Jaipur.

Monday, January 5, 2009

People in Action

Here are some shots of day to day life over here. In some ways it's similar, but in many it most certainly is not.