Friday, May 1, 2009

Kerala Water Canals

I left Goa and took an 18 hour train ride to Kerala. In Goa i started taking malaria medicine; malaria medicine may or may not prevent malaria, but it most certainly makes one insane. I had the weirdest sleep on that train that i have ever had in my life. The strange sleep and wicked paranoia had been a running theme since i started taking the medicine; I stopped taking it when i got to Kerala, to hell with malaria.
Kerala is possibly the most beautiful place that i have ever been to. I was in a town called Alleppey, this is where boat tours originate that travel the backwaters of Kerala. I was alone, so i didn't do a full on backwater boat tour i did hire a guy to pattle me out around the area, and it was quite a beautiful and serene little tour.


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