Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Words: Camel Festival!!

This was the greatest thing that I've stumbled into in my trip to India thus far. Suzanna and I went to Bikanar for the simple reason of seeing the rat temple. This was reason enough to go to a place in my opinion, however when we got their we were happily surprised to find out that the annual camel festival was starting the very next day!!! Who doesn't love camels dressed up and with beautiful carvings on their fur, well i know i do!! Camels are really cool and crazy looking animals. People came from all over the desert to show off their beasts; it was wild. Their was also a cultural event and a male/female (human) beauty contest of sorts. The next several blogs will deal with this one event. There was a one day event in the city of Bikanar, and a two day event in a small village 40 KM away, i went to both.

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Saraswati said...

That is way cool. Is Mike still with you? When are you coming to Vrindavan?