Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Near the town of Bikaner is the Karna Mata Temple. I've been to many temples in my stay here in India. Some of them are known for their architecture, some for their deities, and then there is this one which is known for their rats. The rats are sacred here, as they are considered to be incarnations of holy people or something like that. I have to admit, i thought there would be many, many more rats, but it was still pretty cool - if you like rats, which i kinda do. Here is an article about it.


mary jane said...

that pin is the closest i get to liking rats....

i think i would have passed on this one, glad i get to see it though, through your very safe and far away images!
they are actually cute in these pics though! i like the one where they are dancing, it reminds me of cinderella (gus gus).

Bob's Mom said...

Sorry, Bobby, this is not one of my favorite places you visited.