Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kumbalagarh Fort

I left Udaipur with my friend Suzanna and some German dude who's name i now forget. We shared a car to Jaipur. I think it would have been about a 4 hour drive if we drove it straight, but we made some stops. Kumbalagar Fort was one of the stops and it was well worth it. In Rajastan(the north west section of India where I have been in for a few weeks) every town seems to have a fort and a palace That's all well and good, but i really get bored of that stuff kinda quick. This fort stood out - it was like a fairy tale come to life. Perched atop a mountain with walls that seem to go on forever this fort seemed, and was in reality; impenetrable.

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mary jane said...

so cool!

i know what you mean though, if you see SO many of the same sort of thing, its hard to appreciate each one individually. even if they are different and beautiful, they all sort of morph into one in your head...