Monday, January 19, 2009

Bundi Views

So my friend Virginia had to leave, so i picked up a new girl and took her with me to Bundi. I really wish i was that cool, but i'm not. Her name is Suzanna; we had a similar travel schedual and we got allong well, so we decided to hit the road together. Its always alot funner to travel with someone else. Bundi is a bit off the mainstream tourist trail so it was super sweet. I loved this town, there were actually places you cold go an there would be NO people around. This is a huge rarity in inda. All of these towns in Rajastan have forts and palaces and are full of history, the unfortunate reality is that i didn't know anything about the history so there really wasn't any context. But that said they are still pretty to look at.

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mary jane said...

picking up girls here, sending them packing there... you can take the boy out of the LES, but.....
it looks very cool.