Saturday, December 20, 2008

Men of Vrindaban

I will attempt to put up some portraits of women, but they are very, very camera shy thus far.


mary jane said...

that dude with the turban and sweater and shades is HOT!
so styl-eeee~
not one person is chubby! do you think its the income level? or the diet there? both, right?

mary jane said...

not to mention the oh so current acid wash denim and the vintage leather blazer! these guys would fit perfectly in the LES!

Rain-drop said...

oh my god! I know that rickshaw driver. I can't remember his name, but when I was in Vrindavana for 3 weeks, he drove me, family, and a friend around!! He knew my mother's friend, and wouldn't let us get any other rickshaw driver one day...charged a little too much...but very talkative, funny guy. I can't believe he's in your pictures!! small world.