Monday, April 20, 2009

Goa Bliss

So Goa is paradise. I mean if your idea of paradise is nice beaches, palm trees, tropical climate, hippies, and Europeans; then hell yeah! Me: i love all that, BUT i don't necessarily think it's paradise; but - it was fun while i was there. One thing that struck me immediately is that there were women in bikinis - and even topless at some point(hmmm i don't have any photos of them, but they were there)!!!! This was completely shocking after two months of totally suppressed sexuality. The last shot is the hut i slept in for a week or so, it was about 45 feet from the ocean and cost 10 bucks a night, pretty cool.

1 comment:

mary jane said...

ummm... yes.. that is paradise.
or really nice, at the very least.
beautiful shots!