Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jagannath Temple

So at this point i am on the east coast of India. I took a 22 hour train from the middle of the country (Varnasi) to Puri on the east coast. Yeah, it was a long time on the train, but it's also kinda cool watching the countryside roll by and reflecting on your journey, and then you realize you have 21 hours left on a train and it gets a bit rough. Anyway, Puri is a beach town, and this temple is one of the main reasons that people come here. The temple is HUGE; as are the deities inside(the word "juggernaut" comes from the name of the Deity), but i was unable to go inside as i am not a Hindu. It is thought that the kitchen of this temple complex is the largest in India if not the world. It's a pretty impressive place even if i was unable to get in. I got on the roofs of some neighboring buildings and shot some day and night stuff. Here is some more information.

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muniraja dasa said...

a lot of nectar here...=)